I’m currently reading the book “The Case Against Sugar” by Gary Taubes, author of the best-selling book “Why We Get Fat”. I had a realization over the past couple of months that the amount of sugar I have been consuming (knowingly or unknowingly… sneaky sneaky) seems to be catching up with me, especially now that I am older and less active. Well, saying no to sugar is easier said than done and I think I can get an “Amen” from the congregation on this one.

In my mind I thought “Well, now what? I hate working out but I stay active at my job where I am constantly walking around… I could completely cold turkey a large amount of sugar from my diet…  but then there are the cravings that I just can’t say no to! What do I do?” I decided I needed to convince myself once and for all that if this sugar love affair didn’t end on the fly, then I would spend a lifetime of dealing with negative body image issues and deleterious health impacts knocking on my doorstep or plowing through altogether. Maybe if I understood more about the science of how sugar, in large quantities, is bad for me and if I practiced slowly eliminating it from my diet, then I could finally get on a new, healthier track in life.

This is where “The Case Against Sugar” stepped in.

I’m only one hundred pages in but this book is heaping full of interesting facts and details the history of sugar and how it has snuck its way into (almost) every meal of every day. Although I’ve enjoyed it so far, I’m still waiting for something profound to jump out at me and make me think “That’s it. I’m breaking this off. We’re done.” Well, I know I won’t cut sugar out entirely and I’m not too sure that’s a good idea anyway. So, for now I just have to be conscious and cautious about the sugar I’m consuming and be aware of the consequences if I get out of control.

I can do this and so can you!